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The Marketing Kickstart Re-Boot!

Written by Raj Riyat

I have fantastic news…

Marketing Kickstart is back and better than ever.


Hi, I’m Raj Riyat. I’m a Digital Marketer (and that’s my only job), and I live in the South East of England just outside London.

And I am really excited to be leading the charge here at Marketing Kickstart.

Over the last few years I’ve gained a wealth of experience building multiple online income streams, generating thousands of dollars with really simple strategies that ANYONE can learn and copy.

And I mean literally ANYONE!

These are no fluff, straight forward strategies that do require a little time and effort, but they work. I don’t do BS get rich quick schemes. I’ve been sold plenty of those in my time.

Let me explain how this works…

I look for a problem that people are trying to find a solution for. I then research a strategy that works, package it into a fantastic simple training product (like an EBook, A Video Course, etc) and I sell it those very same people, all over the world.

Helping people and making money – It’s a win win!


The fact is ANYONE can build a successful online business using information products, software, coaching and services.

Yes, you too can create and sell products that help serve a hungry and motivated audience.

At Marketing Kickstart, I want to help you leverage the modern information age that we live in now to build your own online wealth.

We’ll be posting regular information and training tips, creating awesome new products that teach you how to do what we do, run some live coaching sessions, and interview some the top marketers in the industry, and much, much more….

And best of all, here’s a chance for you to step up.

It’s doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or if you have a ton of experience already, we have content, strategies and training that will help you.

Do you want 2019 to be your year? The Marketing Kickstart team and I are ready and waiting to help you succeed.

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Catch you soon
Raj Riyat – Marketing Kickstart

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