About Me

Hey! I'm Raj Riyat.

I'm an online entrepreneur, info product creator, husband and Dad, from just-outside-London.

For the past 5 years, I've been working on building my online business and, in 2018, I took over the reigns of this website, Marketing Kickstart.

Here at Marketing Kickstart, I have a simple mission:

To reach out to 1000 regular people around the world and help them to build a solid, scalable online business to hit their income goals.

I'm really dedicated to creating high-quality, easy to follow training products and courses which will help ANYONE to become successful online.

On this blog, I'll be publishing regular free content along with links to our products, live training sessions and other great stuff.

I want to invite YOU to follow me on my journey, as I grow my business and support you along the way.

Welcome to the team…
Raj Riyat.