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7 Ways To Grow Your Online Business With Video!

Written by Rob J. Temple

Remember in 1980 when ‘Video Killed The Radio Star'?

Well, the damn thing is doing it again – except this time it's murdering eBooks, videos, audio and even webinars, leaving a trail of destruction…

A little over the top? Perhaps… but it's true!

There's no denying that if you want to start, build or scale your online business in this modern world, video is ESSENTIAL for getting your audience's attention.

When I first got the internet, as a teenager, there were hardly ANY videos online, because they were slow, expensive to host and complicated to set up.

That's no longer the case, because now – it's EVERYWHERE.

Don't believe me?

Let's look at the facts and figures:

  • Putting a video into your sales process increases conversion by up to 64%
  • YouTube reaches more 18-49 year olds in the USA than ANY cable network, every day
  • Every day, millions of we watch hundreds of millions of hours of video on YouTube alone
  • 87% of online marketers are using online video

In fact, when was the last time that you saw a successful marketer online who DOESN'T use video, somewhere in their business?


The reason is simple.

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If you don’t use video your business will look outdated, people want to SEE your products, who made them, what they can do and more.

They want to see the person behind the branding, and the people they’re “buying” into.

Video fills this gap perfectly, since it’s the only way in which you can be seen and heard at the same time, WITHOUT being in front of your prospects.

Fortunately, we don't live in the “video stone age” anymore, which means it's getting so much easier to create, host, display and share incredibly high quality videos, even if you don't have Spielberg's expertise or budget!

The equipment necessary will cost you less than a decent night out on the town, and in most cases what you need is lying around the house already (smartphone, for example).

Video is also amazingly flexible and can be used in a TON of different ways.

So, let's dive in and take a look at 7 ways that you can use online video to grow your business and get better results.

1) Sales/Squeeze Page Videos

Having a video on your sales page is VERY powerful, since some people just can’t be bothered to “read” through sales letters.

For those who wish to watch, listen and “see” in front of them what they’re buying into, sales videos “fit the shoe” perfectly.

There’s no better way to “showcase” your product and to entice people into buying it online than a sales video…

People have gone wild with different ideas for sales videos. Some are very expensive and imaginative, whereas others are simple and affordable to make.

Just because you spend a fortune on your sales video doesn’t mean it’ll necessarily convert well.

Sometimes a simple presentation video running people through your script with slides and the audio of your voice reading the script is enough. As long as the sales copy and script is good enough, it’ll convert!

Squeeze page videos are also “sales” orientated in some way as you’re trying to “sell” the prospect into becoming a lead or an “email subscriber”.

A short, engaging and persuasive video on your squeeze page should be good enough to boost your conversion rates.

2) Video Testimonials

To tie in nicely with point number one above, “video testimonials” are a great way to sell your brand and products too!

Having someone else “sell” you is MUCH more powerful than you trying to sell yourself.

If you have happy customers, peers and acquaintances who sing your praises, ask them to shoot a video testimonial for you and get permission to use it on your sales pages, squeeze pages and websites.

Video testimonials are proven to improve sales conversion rates on sales pages, since they help people to “believe” in the product or service more…

3) Thank You Page Videos

This is one area where a LOT of online entrepreneurs fall down. They put ALL their effort into the “pre-sales” process of their businesses, but not much into the “after-sales” process.

They’re so bothered about getting the customer or lead, that they forget about giving them as MUCH value and relationship bonding as they need to remain happy customers/leads.

Inserting videos on your thank you pages will help you bring in WAY more sales, and warm up your leads much faster.

The more people see you, hear you and watch content to do with your brand, the more they will get to know, like and trust you, which are the most important relationship factors for all business owners.

Your thank you page videos can be you on screen thanking people for purchasing or opting in, then letting them know what to do next.

Just a simple touch like this can help you with refund rates, people getting lost putting in support tickets, and generally warming up your leads.

4) JV Recruitment

In the digital product industry having affiliates and JV’s promoting your products is a “surefire” way to increase sales and brand awareness.

However, it’s not as simple as sending someone a quick message asking them to promote for you, you need to “sell” them into promoting for you.

Having a professional video made for your JV and affiliate pages will help your partners “believe” in you and your product more, creating a higher probability that they’ll promote for you.

You can showcase your sales funnel, competitions, your product itself, and much more to help you sell people into signing up to your email list as a potential JV partner.

Too many marketers feel they can simply “mass-message” every other marketer under the sun and ask them to promote for them, even when they’ve never spoken before!

The best way to capture your JV’s and affiliates attention is with a well thought out JV recruitment video, showcasing WHY partners should jump onboard with your launch.

5) Intro/Branding Videos

Creating videos to help people understand the “who’s, what’s and why’s” of your business will drastically increase your sales, lead conversions and relationships with your audience.

People LOVE to buy into stories, imagery and faces behind a business. Therefore if you want to have the most impact in your industry, you need “intro” or “branding” videos created that are publicly available via social media, your website/blog and possibly within your sales process.

No matter what type of business you run whether it’s online or offline, people search the internet for EVERYTHING these days.

For example, if you run a “home renovations” business locally, it’s still JUST as important to create these types of videos to set you apart from the rest. Getting people to know, like and trust you before they even pick up the phone to call you.

Show the faces of your business, imagery, your message and benefits that people will get if they “buy into” your brand… Doing so will increase conversions of all types tenfold!

6) Tutorial/Product Videos

They always say to give value first, and get paid second, tutorial videos help you to achieve this.

You can give away free “tutorial” videos to build your email subscriber list, then use email marketing for your own or affiliate products to monetise your subscribers. However, without the initial “tutorial freebie”, you’d have nobody to market to as there’d be no reason for people to opt-in to your email list!

Product videos on the other hand are videos within a paid product you create.

People love to learn through seeing, and the next best thing to you being present with your customer is showing them via online video. Hosting videos in a secure members area is usually the case with video products, so that your videos can’t be shared or stolen.

7) Content Videos

This video type is purely for brand awareness, and building your social following. Putting videos up on Facebook and YouTube etc just giving away valuable free content will help you build your online presence and following without asking for anything in return (yet)!

A lot of marketers are currently taking advantage of “Facebook live” videos, since they are so eye capturing within the “news feed”, and people are always curious about what’s being shared “live” on video. That’s the other neat thing about them, there’s a personal touch to them since the person is LIVE on camera, and you can interact with them instantly via the comments section.

Many marketers have built huge social followings via YouTube uploading daily videos to their channel building their subscribers and organic traffic. If you have links to your squeeze pages from each of your YouTube videos, and you continue uploading videos daily, over time you’ll have LOTS of free targeted subscribers opting into your lists.


Overall, if you want to grow your business and online presence video is most definitely the most effective way to do so…

Through using all the above video types, you’ll be able to generate thousands of subscribers, sales and loyal followers. Furthermore, we’ve learned that you can create these videos without breaking the bank, as long as you have decent content and a well delivered script, you can succeed. However, the sky is the limit with getting creating using video, if you have the tools and resources, then by all means try and create something out of this World with your video ventures.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is it doesn’t matter what you have available, everyone can get stuck in with video and start using it in their business. All you need is something that will shoot video in full HD, and a way to capture good sound quality, then you can get started instantly!

So now there’s not much left to say except get out those cameras and start filming! Create sales page, squeeze page, thank you page and branding videos to make your sales process convert like NEVER before.

Get your happy customers to shoot video testimonials for you, so that new prospects can place more trust in your and your products. Teach your audience valuable content for free, and then upload more in-depth content videos within your video products. And finally, WOW JV’s and affiliates with well thought out JV recruitment videos.

Doing all of the above will help you sky-rocket your business to new successes, helping you easily turn leads into sales.

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