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Planning Your Day-To-Day Business

Written by Rob J. Temple

This week, I made a CRITICAL mistake…

It's actually something which pretty much every new online marketer makes, and it CRIPPLES their online business.

To be honest, I actually overcame this “problem” a couple of years ago and now, I rarely make this mistake at all… but just occasionally it rears it's ugly head.

I'm talking about the “day-to-day” planning of your online business.

Sounds DEAD boring, I know… but it's super-important.

Here's what happened:

This morning, I arrived at the office and made myself a cup of tea.

Then I sat down at the computer, ready to work.

I had a couple of jobs to do for a client, which I did.

Then I was faced with…


I literally didn't know WHAT to do next.

Now that's not because I've got NOTHING to do.

Heck, we're working on 5 projects right now, so there's LOTS that I could do…

…just that nothing was particularly springing to mind.

I was struck down by overwhelm and lack of direction.

So what did I do?

Well I turned to my trusty friend Facebook and wasted an hour on there. Then I opened my e-mail and tried to find things to read there.

Watched a couple of videos and… POOF – it's lunchtime, before I knew it.

NOT a productive day at all.

Sound like something that YOU do on a regular basis?

Okay, well there is a solution.

I wanted to take a few minutes out to write this blog post and explain what I USUALLY do, to avoid this from happening.

(I'll be getting back onto this system from tonight!).

*3 Tips For Your Day-To-Day Business Planning*

Tip #1: Focus On No More Than 3 Projects At Once

I have a habit of “biting off more than I can chew”, because I get over-excited by lots of new ideas.

From now on, I'm going to make sure that I'm only ever working on 3 projects (maximum) at any one time and I'll wait until they are done, before I move onto the next one.

Tip# 2: Always Plan Tomorrow, Today!

Before you finish work each day, make a short list of 3-5 tasks that you want to get completed the following day.

That way, as soon as you get started each morning, you'll know INSTANTLY what you need to get done.

This means that you don't waste the first half an hour (or longer!) trying to work out what you should do.

It takes 10-15 minutes at the end of each day and it's super-valuable.

Tip #3: Work Your List In Order Of Priority

Make sure that you work through your list starting with the most IMPORTANT tasks, even if they are the most ugly, boring or unenjoyable ones.

It's so tempting to start with the quick, easy tasks – but that means that as the day draws on (and your motivation/work-ethic) weakens, you'll have less energy to get the harder tasks done!

So plough straight on with the most important tasks and leave the less important ones for the end of the day.

Anything you don't get done, transfer it to your “tomorrow” list.


This is a super-cool set of “productivity hacks” which you can apply to your current workflow INSTANTLY and you'll start seeing awesome results within the next day or so.

There's honestly nothing more refreshing than:

a) Looking at the list of tasks you have to get done, and knowing instantly what you need to get started with

b) Looking at the list of tasks that you have accomplished over the course of today.

Enjoy – and talk soon,
Rob J. Temple


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