Multiply YOUR Marketplace (Aka. The Thoughtless Product Creator)

Written by Rob J. Temple

A few years ago, I bought a new fancy-pantsy HI-FI system. It was one of those all-in-one doo-dahs with iPod connectivity, bluetooth, CD, DAB, radio, airplay and toaster. Or something like that.

(Apologies for the over-use of dashes and commas in that opening sentence – it won't happen again, I promise. Shit, I did it again).

When I got it home, I decided to break the ancient ritualistic tradition of manliness by reading the instructions before trying to use it.

Guess how long it took me to find the instructions in English?

Three minutes.

Three fucking minutes? Just to find the instructions in the primary language of the country in-which I purchased the item?

See, in their infinite wisdom, Sony have decided to create ONE instruction manual which contains their tutorials in about 100000000000 different languages. Give or take a couple.

I guess they figure that this will save them money, man-power, effort and thought for their customers because they just have one manual printed and stick it in every box. Yay for Sony. Boo for us.

Anyway this struck a chord with me. I realised, wouldn't it just be super-duper if you could always have the exact information you want, in the language you speak, right there at your fingertips?

In England, most of us are traditionally lazy and prefer to let everyone else learn to speak English while we do everything humanly possible to avoid risking learning another language.

Not very fair, is it?

This made me think about the people in countries like Italy, China, Spain, Russia, India, Hong Kong, Africa and where English isn't the primary language. (Only joking about our USA cousin's over the pond, don't hit me! :-p)

Wouldn't it be awesome if EVERY information product in EVERY niche was available in more languages than just English?

I mean sure, TONS of people in these countries speak English now, but if they had a choice to purchase a product in THEIR language or English… they are gonna' pick their own language, aren't they? It just makes more sense!

Just because they are in another country, doesn't mean they aren't equally interested in gardening, golf, swimming, DIY, dog training, flower arranging, internet marketing or any other niche you can think of.

Every single day people all over the world are buying information products in all of these different niches and a lot more. Lots of those people are in non-English-speaking countries, but most of the products are only available in English.

Admittedly, if you take a browse through ClickBank these days, you're starting to see some product cropping up in Italian and German, but the vast majority are still English only.

I began playing with a really cool concept for a business model which would allow anyone to create, launch and sell their own online products, even if they have NO expertise to package and sell and it requires NO creativity at all.

That's why I call it my “Thoughtless Product Creator” model. It's SO easy to do and it worked a treat. I actually did it three times and saw some cracking results in all three case studies.

I eventually flipped the sites, so I don't own them now… but while I owned them, it worked a treat.

Here's how it works…

Step 1: Find a suitable product.

Head over to ClickBank, JVZoo, DealGuardian or Google and search for information products which are already up, running and selling. Doesn't matter what the niche is provided that the product is good and that the sales material is all pretty dapper.

Step 2: Contact the product owner.

Time to get in touch with whichever Tom, Dick or Sally owns the site. Introduce yourself as a jolly-fine chap (or gal!) and tell them that you've had an ‘Awesome Idea!' to really help their product sell and make some extra money.

Explain that you'd like to make their product available in [INSERT LANGUAGE HERE] so that more people in [INSERT RELEVANT COUNTRY HERE] could purchase and benefit from it. This would increase sales in that particular country, as people who don't speak English could buy it.

You'll take on ALLLLLL of the stressful and strenuous work of getting it all translated and they'll get a 40-50% share of the profits it generates. There's no work for them, other than to say yes and send you over all of the sales materials, graphics and the product.

Step 3: Find a translator and get some shit done.

Next you turn to oDesk, Elance, Freelancer, Guru or any other good outsourcing website and you post a job looking for a translator who speaks the language that you've chosen. You pay them to translate EVERY bit of text in the product, sales letter, affiliate tools, download page, e-mails etc.

You literally need to duplicate EVERY aspect of the entire sales and marketing process of the original product, including upsells, etc.

If the sales video or product includes video aspects, you'll also need to get these translated and then re-recorded by someone who speaks the language. Trust me, I do a range of horrendous foreign accents.

Step 4: Upload & Market.

Upload everything so that you have a complete product and sales/delivery process entirely in the language you've chosen. Obviously you should try and get the same domain name as the original product but with the local country extension on the end. Something like or

Now you can start driving traffic to it from Facebook, affiliates who market in that language (yes, they exist), AdWords or whatever other traffic methods you know. Then the product creator gets their % cut of the profits, as agreed. You can use a ClickBank or JVZoo “JV Contract” to automate and regulate the process of sending them their cashola.

Now clearly I have simplified this four step process. I couldn't possibly go over the finer details of outsourcing, building sales funnels, uploading stuff, etc. I'm sure you ‘get' that in order to do this, you're going to have to know a thing or two about marketing online in the first place. Also, you're obviously going to have to invest a little upfront to get this stuff all put together.

BUT it's a really cool way to leverage the hard work that someone else has already done, by getting another person to do even MORE hard work, whilst you sit and collect the profits that roll in from it.

Imagine if you had 5, 10 or even 50 of these products online.

You didn't “create” any of them, you just “ethically stole” the content (with the creator's permission!), repurposed it in an intelligent way and helped more people around the world access some awesome products in a way which makes them happier customers.

That's a win-win-win-win-win-win situation, as far as I'm concerned.

As I mentioned earlier, we don't currently have any of these products in our business model, but I had a few a couple of years ago and it all went swimmingly. I was in profit within 60-days, kept them for a year or so and then sold the sites off to other people.

If you're new to internet marketing and this is something which catches your attention, it could actually an entire six or seven figure business model by itself. You could just build an army of these awesome products, “multiplying the marketplace” of the original product creator and getting some money for doing so. Cool, right?

Certainly some food for thought! If you've enjoyed this post, don't forget to leave me a little comment down below. Preferably in English. I LOVE to hear what my readers, fans and followers have to say and I'll always try to reply. Let's keep the conversation rocking down there.

Talk soon,
Rob J. Temple

PS. As a side-note, if you have a product in a niche which is particularly popular in a non-English-speaking country, why don't you consider getting it translated into other languages? You never know how many more copies you could sell to people who don't speak English!

PPS. If you're an Uber-Salesman, you might even be able to charge the product owner a flat, up-front fee for doing the translating part and getting their product set up in another language. Then you outsource the whole project and just take a markup on the labour. Schweeeeeeeet!

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