How To Find Your Buyers Audience

Written by Rob J. Temple

Hey there! Rob J. Temple here, and I hope you’re ready to get your feet wet with hungry buyers in your market 😉

Throughout my time as an internet entrepreneur I’ve seen countless newcomers and even some intermediate marketers fixated on generic traffic. They may not realise they’re only sourcing one type of traffic to their webpages, but indeed they are…

You see I’m only interested in one type of visitor, and that’s a visitor who’s most likely to BUY something I have to offer. No amount of Facebook likes, shares, comments matters if you’re not producing sales in your business.

Don’t get me wrong social proof is healthy and helpful for your online business, BUT, when you do things the “right” way, those areas build naturally along WITH your sales.

So right now, STOP focusing on quantity or just “any” form of targeted traffic for your business, and begin looking into where your buyers are. This one mindset and objective “shift” will be the one which increases your profit margins, AND gets rid of the time wasters from your business.

Once you’ve found your buyers audience, you can even go one step further and streamline the process to ONLY target medium-high ticket buyers. But that’s a whole other blog post 😉

Now, let’s have a look and see WHERE your buyers are hiding…

It’s worth mentioning that it isn’t as easy as choosing a targeting option to find your ideal buyers. If that were the case there’d be a lot more success stories online!

There is a process to this technique, but it’s one that you HAVE to endure if:

  1. You wish to succeed with your online business (that’s a pretty huge point right there!)
  2. You want to stop wasting money and time on low quality traffic.

Finding your ideal buyers audience is a case of “cancelling down”. Think of it this way, it’s like peeling away the outer layers of an onion, to get to the part you can eat.

Lets take a VERY common and effective traffic source and put our process into action…

Everyone and their grandmother is using Facebook advertising these days, some people are succeeding and others are failing. This blog post could outline one of the main reasons so many marketers are failing, so if you’re currently struggling with Facebook ads, listen up!

Facebook allows us to dig very deep into niches, helping us to laser target our audiences. There are two ways to “dig” into a Facebook targeting interest:

  1. Alter demographics using data from the Facebook “audience insights” tool or another source.
  2. Run broader adverts (still only using one interest per ad!), letting Facebook optimise your advert over time.

I should note here that you should ALWAYS let Facebook ads run on a smaller budget for at least 3-5 days before touching them. This is the time period where Facebook will optimise your advert (basically option 2 above!). So if you choose to use method one from above, you should still apply method 2 to it!

Lets focus on method 2 for a moment…

Facebook publicly states in a support article that they optimise your adverts for actions you set, i.e. “website conversions”. Once you set your website conversion event (either “view content”, “lead”, “add to cart” or “purchase”), you should let your ad run for at least 3-5 days. Facebook also states that they need 50 conversion events (pixel fires) to pass through your advert, until they can start to really show your advert to the people who’re most likely to take action upon your marketing.

You should ALWAYS build Facebook custom audiences from your existing traffic on your website. This will come in handy for retargeting and building your “perfect” buyers audience.

Once you’ve gotten some results (sales) from your marketing efforts, you will then have some data to work with…

The same options will apply whether you wish to now use method 1 to alter demographics to narrow down your targeting based on who’s been taking action on your ads, OR you can continue to let Facebook optimise things for you.

Patience is a virtue with Facebook advertising, as over time if you’ve set everything up correctly, they will “go to work” FOR you…

If you’re using a $5-10 budget per day, you should be able to afford to invest in this “testing” period to find your ideal buyers audience.

Once you’ve built a custom audience of buyers which is greater than 300 people, you can create a “Facebook lookalike audience”, and then begin running adverts using that market (this is scaling, which WILL be covered in another blog post!)…

Currently in 2016 I find this method to be the BEST way to find your buyers audience since you’re getting live results and data back from the market itself. Rather than using existing data from others sources and advertising campaigns (which aren’t applicable to your brand and offer), it’s far more effective to get results from your own offers.

You can use this method of “cancelling down” and building custom audiences with Facebook advertising to build up your perfect buyers audience!


Try not to get too anxious over your ads. If you’re nervous simply set a $5 per day budget and allow 50 conversion events (pixel fires) to take place. Once this has occurred, Facebook will rapidly reduce your cost per conversion, and begin showing your advert to more relevant people within your target interest.

Over time, you can make a judgement on whether you wish to alter the targeting within your existing campaign OR duplicate the campaign and run a new advert. Touching existing settings can sometimes upset Facebook’s optimisation. Remember that you’ll need to wait for at least 50 pixel fires (conversions) on any new ads (duplicated or new) so that Facebook can optimise your advert!

I will write another blog post on how to set everything up with your Facebook adverts, campaigns, pixels, custom audiences and so on, so don’t panic if this is all alien to you…

However, I do believe this is the most effective way to find YOUR ideal buyers audience, and there’s never really been a more powerful and affordable way to do it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post, be sure to leave a comment as I always love reading your thoughts and additions.

If you use this information and put it into action you WILL find your ideal buyers audience AND make money in the process 😉

To YOUR Success,

Rob J. Temple

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  • Hey Rob. You’ve outlined some great tips in this post. FB ads are definitely a source that every digital marketer should be using right now. The prospect information you can collect from Facebook is marketing ‘gold’ allowing you to laser in on your target audience. My tip to anyone getting started with FB ads make sure you read the advertising policy very carefully, twice. Breaking the rules (even by accident) can see your account closed instantly.

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