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How To Build Your Business In ANY Niche – Even If You’re NOT An Expert

Written by Rob J. Temple

One of the most common objections (excuses) that I hear on a regular basis is:

“Who the hell would want to buy information products from me? I have NOTHING to offer… and I'm NOT an expert”.

Understandably, people are concerned that if they HAVEN'T made millions online, that they can't start up in the internet marketing niche…

…or that if they aren't an expert gardener, they can't sell information in the gardening niche.

I get it.

That makes TOTAL sense, initially.

Fortunately, it's also bollocks.

There's three key reasons why:

1) If you think about it, the chances are that you ARE actually knowledgable enough about something that can be turned into profits online.

Pretty much everyone in the world has picked up expertise and experience doing SOMETHING that other people will pay them for.

You're probably undervaluing the stuff that you DO know.

Just think about courses that you've studied, careers that you've had and various roles that you have in life (parent, advisor, etc).

There's probably some skills or information that you've developed over time.

People WILL pay you for that stuff. Promise.

2) To be an expert, you only have to know a LITTLE bit more than someone else.

For example, let's say that you recently learned how to install a WordPress blog, or maybe to cook clean paleo recipes.

Guess what? There are MILLIONS of people out there who want to know how to do that… but currently don't.

YOU have the expertise to teach them.

You might not be THE leading expert in the world in internet marketing or cooking, but you CAN be their expert.

That is a BIG, important realisation.

If there is just ONE thing that you know how to do, that's enough to get started.

3) You can build your business as a newbie using what I call the “Perpetual Learner” model.

This is where you start by heading out into your marketplace and saying:

“Hey! I'm Rob – and I'm a TOTAL newbie in [Internet Marketing/Gardening/Cooking/Weight Loss/etc], but I am studying hard, learning fast and I'm going to master this, over the coming weeks and months.

You should follow me, watch my journey to success and learn from me along the way – I promise it'll be fun!”

That's right, you actually TELL people that you're new to this.

(None of that “fake it until you make it” garbage).

Post your message on your blog, social media profiles, etc and spread the word.

Then you can start driving traffic to them, using any of the free methods you can learn online.

From that point forward, you need to start blogging on a weekly basis, publicly journalling your personal story and your rise to success.

When YOU learn something cool, related to your niche… go and write a blog post about it.

Before you know it, you'll build a laser-targeted following and turn them into a horde of raving fans – just by telling your story.

Guess what? That's actually MORE powerful than just turning up, out of the blue, claiming to be a ninja-expert.

People can RELATE to someone like that, much more easily than they could with a mega-successful Guru.

You will VERY quickly have picked up enough information to create a simple free report or video, teaching ONE thing, which you can start giving away to build your list…

…and when you're ready, you can start doing e-mail marketing to your list, promoting affiliate offers in your niche.

Suddenly… BOOM – you'll start making money, even though you're not an “EXPERT” yet.

And as you continue and your empire (and knowledge!) grows, you'll soon have enough (and enough confidence!) to create your first paid product.

Before you know it, you will GENUINELY be an expert in that field and you'll have built a RAVING fanbase… who know, like and trust you more than you can imagine.

THAT is more valuable than you could ever know.

With this model, you only need to be passionate and interested in LEARNING about the niche, rather than a full-on expert in it.

That's why ANYONE can build an online business in ANY niche – even if you're not an expert… yet

Talk soon,
Rob J. Temple

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