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In today’s post I’m going to attempt to shed some light on something which I feel is a LARGE cause for failure. This can apply to offline businesses too, but since the majority of this blogs audience operate online companies, it’ll be mostly relevant to them.

What’s sparked this “rant” style blog post is something I’ve seen a lot of newcomers and even intermediate marketers complaining about recently. Placing focus and “blame” on the same area of their business, rather than the obvious.

You see, there are a LOT of people who turn to the internet to make a quick buck these days. I know that’s been the case for many years, but as the idea has become more popular, hoards of newcomers are entering the “online business” world to try and make quick money.

Clearly I’m all “for” the idea of online business, but what I’m NOT about is making a quick buck…

If your mentality is to “get in and get out” as fast as you can, OR you place the sole focus of your energy on generating cash, you’ll most likely fail.

Businesses that succeed place “value” ahead of money making. This is where the old saying, “don’t chase the money, let the money chase you” was born.

The money will follow if your product is GOOD! That one sentence sums up pretty much everything I will be saying in this blog post…

Put all your efforts into pleasing your customers and offering them something that works, and you will make a success of your online business. If you concentrate on how you can make a quick buck from your prospects, you will NOT succeed in the long-term.

Why do you think that some of the best businesses out there started with products that solved the company owners problem? Because that wasn’t the idea at the beginning, someone had an issue, thought of a solution to their OWN problem, and then realised other people may need it too.

Your product is everything, and an incredible product SELLS ITSELF!!

All you need to do with your advertising and marketing is ensure that the biggest pain points and solutions are revealed, so that people feel the desire to purchase what you’re offering…

But, unfortunately the above isn’t the focus for a lot of people. They place their efforts on the “money” side of the business BEFORE they’ve even “got” a business!

When things don’t work out, what do they blame? Well most recently I’ve seen the blame placed on “targeting”. Most people are using Facebook advertising or some form of paid advertising for their traffic generation. It makes sense to, since the platform is amazing and the traffic is automated.

People seem to think that you have to narrow down your targeting to the finest detail to make sales with Facebook traffic. Whilst it’s widely known that you don’t go obviously broad with your targeting, this isn’t 100% true!

You can go broad, just not WAY broad. For example if you have an offer related to “improving your golf swing”, don’t just target “golf”. BUT, you can still go broad with your targeting and generate sales! If your product is good enough the sales will come. When you narrow down your targeting too far, you suffocate your ability to scale at large when things begin to “kick off”…

I’ve seen marketers get themselves into a “rut” thinking that their issue is ONLY within their targeting. They try as many audiences and interests as they can, but nothing seems to work. WAKE UP! Maybe it’s NOT the targeting that’s the issue. Maybe it’s the PRODUCT!

It seems people have forgotten that split-testing applies to ALL areas and aspects of your sales funnel. It’s not solely relevant to your squeeze page and traffic, it applies to everything.

BUT, as I stated earlier, a good product will always sell even with broad targeting. If you “nail” the product you can still succeed even with “average” marketing campaigns.

This all boils down to your businesses “foundations”. This is why SO much emphasis is placed upon market research and niche selection. Dig out your audiences “biggest” pain points and solve them with value! If you can do that successfully, you have a great company in the making.

It’s the equivalent of building a car with broken parts, focusing ONLY on your destination. You want to get to your location and you don’t care about the vehicle taking you there. What happens? The vehicle breaks down, as it wasn’t built properly, it has no value.

If you want to get to your desired “location”, you need to create something which is solid, helpful, delivers upon its promises AND (most importantly) is in demand!

Selling becomes a LOT easier when you give people something that they really thirst for…

Again, this comes down to market research. What does your audience really want? What would they give anything for? What are their main concerns and pain points? Address these issues, solve them, package everything up and sell it to them.

Don’t skimp on the product, it’s the worst mistake you can make. I see people placing SO much focus on traffic and targeting, if it’s “that” difficult to make sales then guess what, your product ISN’T in demand enough.

If this sounds like you, or you feel it may apply to your business, don’t be discouraged or offended. Fix it, and go back to the drawing board to create a company which will truly serve its audience.

I promise you if you take action upon this information, you will see dramatically different results in your business, and you’ll spend FAR less time worrying about targeting.

Don’t get me wrong targeting should be taken seriously, and I’m not suggesting you don’t take the time to get it right either. However, if “nothing” seems to be working for you, quit blaming the targeting and go back into your business itself as that’s where the issue will be.

I hope this blog post has shed some light on a subject which I’ve seen escalating recently…

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