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My Marketing Kickstart Goals For The New Year

Written by Rob J. Temple

Wow, where the heck did 2015 go?

I realise that I make a similar exclamation EVERY single year, but it's crazy how fast the time slips through our fingers.

Here we are, sat on the brink of 2016, a whole new year.

I've spent a LOT of time, over the past few days, reflecting over the past 12 months and projecting into the next year.

I realised that there is NO time like the present to start setting goals for the year ahead.


Planning my targets and ambitions for the year ahead is not only one of the most exciting parts of my life but also one of the most important.

When I first began online, I never bothered to set goals and therefore I never planned out my business activities. When I look back, I realise that this was an enormous mistake and made a big contribution to my three or four years of absolute failure.

Somewhat of an ‘own-goal’, if you excuse the pun.

I used to ‘dabble’ around online, chasing after the money with no direction. Every day I would find a ‘new and better’ way to try (fail) to make money online and, unsurprisingly, got absolutely nowhere.

When I eventually got my life and business in order, and joined a coaching program (in 2009), I learned the important of planning a path ahead and setting goals.

There’s an old cliche which says…

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never know when you get there…”

…and this has NEVER been more true than in the old internet marketing game.

After three years of ‘flapping around’, I uncovered the system which would eventually lead me to success. I set myself the goal of earning $100,000 that year and set out a simple, achievable plan to get me there.

Guess what? Just 12 months later, I had made just over $101,000.

Without that goal, I could never have forged a path to get myself there.

Fast-forward to today, and goal-setting is as important as ever.

If you take ONE piece of advice away from my blog, please let it be this…


Again, if you don’t know what you’re aiming for, then you simply can’t work out how the heck to get there.

I also recommend that you PUBLISH your goals somewhere, for the world to see.

Perhaps on a blog, Facebook and/or you could comment on THIS blog post with them. This will help you to remain accountable and motivate you to achieve everything.

There are two types of goals, ambitions and targets that I suggest you make; business and personal.

I don’t think I need to define these, as I think they speak for themselves, but they are BOTH very important.

Goals should hit three main criteria:

i) Specific – Don’t be vague about your ambitions. You can’t just say “I want to make SOME money this year”, I want you to decide upon a SPECIFIC number, time, place, situation, method or environment for every single one of your targets;

ii) Timely – Set yourself a date by which to achieved each of your goals. This gives you an important deadline, which will hold you to your word and give you a firm kick up the a$$ to get stuff done;

iii) Realistic – Let’s face facts. You’re unlikely to go from zero to $1million in the next 23 minutes, so don’t set that as your goal. Make sure that your targets are ambitious enough to push you but actually achievable. If you set unrealistic targets, then you will probably fail and feel more demotivated than ever before.

Finally make sure to write your goals down on a piece of actual paper with an actual pen (sack Microsoft Word for this!) and stick it somewhere noticeable that you’ll look at often, like your wall, fridge or husband/wife’s forehead.

Once you’ve made a firm note of your ambitions, plan out exactly how you’re going to get there.

This single piece of advice will make a serious difference between making 2016 the best year ever, or just another year.

Before I go, let me share my main goals for 2016…

Rob’s Business Goals For MarketingKickstart.com

1) Generate $2,000,000 in sales before December 31st 2016.
2) Create my first ever $1,000,000 month with the launch of “Continuity Academy”.
2) Release 5 x front-end products (between $47-197) over the course of the next 12 months.
3) Build a brand new  list of 40,000 subscribers and 20,000 customers.
4) Put 1,000 members into my new membership site by December 31st 2016.
5) Re-release my “Online Wealth Blueprint” coaching program and sell 200 places.
6) Recruit 200 active affiliates for my affiliate program.
7) Run 2 X free + shipping offers.

Rob’s Personal Goals

1) Purchase a new Mercedes by September 1st 2016.
2) Take 5 holidays abroad.
3) Be in a position to move on our house purchase as soon as it's built.
4) Read a book every month.
5) Eat clean 99% of the time.
6) Train 3-4 times per week.

Of course, these are the first draft of my goals. While these are unlikely to change, I will be planning to add to these over the next few months as I become more ambitious. Because I know exactly how much I want to make, I can sit down and plan out the mathematics to get me there… which makes my plans scientifically provable!

So, that’s it for this blog post.

I REALLY hope that you’ve found this useful and that you will take the next 30-60 minutes to plan YOUR business and personal goals for 2016.

I promise that it will be one of the most empowering, exciting and profitable activities ever.

Please take a moment out to comment on this blog post and let me know your thoughts! If you can, then share your major business goals with us so that we can all support you on your journey!

Talk to you soon,
Rob J. Temple

PS. Finally, I want to wish you a *very* Happy New Year and ALL of the very best wishes, for 2016.

Have an amazing celebration to see the New Year in, then activate “beast” mode, ready for the best year ever.

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