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[BOOM] Marketing Kickstart Is LIVE!

Written by Rob J. Temple


Exciting news… is LIVE!

(Just in case you didn’t notice – this is a new site, community and brand, which just launched today).


Exciting news… is LIVE!

(Just in case you didn’t notice – this is a new site, community and brand, which just launched today).

Hey, this is Rob J. Temple. I’m a hypnotist, lifestyle coach and internet marketer, living in Newcastle (in the North East of England).

Now, I’m ‘proper chuffed’ (that’s an English term!) to be the founder of Marketing Kickstart.

Over the past few years, I’ve been lucky enough to build multiple 7-figure online income streams, generating millions of dollars for myself and my clients with simple passive internet business strategies that ANYONE can follow.

This isn't hypey, BS get-rich-quick schemes or MLM. That's NOT what I'm all about.

So, how does it work?

Well my business model takes information and ideas (in any niche), packages it into awesome-but-simple training products (like eBooks, video courses, audio programs, etc) and then sells them, to people all over the world… for a handsome fee.

Helping people AND making money? Awesome!

We live in the ‘information age’.

That means that information and expertise are the amongst most valuable commodities on earth.

If you can harness that information and create products which serve the needs of a demanding audience and hungry audience.

Sounds a bit ‘wanky’ or complicated?

Okay, lemme cut to the chase.

In this modern world, ANYONE can build a business online with information products, software, coaching and services. And you can do it FAST and without massive upfront costs.

In fact, I started my entire business with just $250 to my name (as I'd racked up thousands and thousands in debt trying to build an online empire the WRONG ways) and grew my business from there, by re-investing early profits.

That’s enough about that for now, we’ll explain more as we go.

At Marketing Kickstart, I want to share the ‘secrets’ (oooh) with you and help YOU to build your online wealth too.

We’ll be posting regular information and training tips, creating awesome products to teach you exactly how-to-do-what-we-do, running live coaching sessions and much more.

Here’s the best part: YOU are invited to come along for the ride.

Whatever your current experience, results, expertise (or lack thereof!), we’ll have content, training and strategies here for you (pinky promise).

Maybe you’re a struggling newbie, looking for help to making your first $1.

Maybe you’re already running a successful business and want to ‘step it up’ a gear. Or perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle?

Me and my awesome team here at Marketing Kickstart are ready and waiting to help you THRIVE in this new online economy. Are you ready to rock it in 2015?

Here’s what you need to do now:

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Oh – once you’re done, check back here regularly for more awesome content, training, strategies, tips and advice!

Talk soon,
Rob J. Temple

PS. Again, make sure that you subscribe to the blog (over there on the right hand side) to avoid missing out on anything.

PPS. Warning: This is a bullshit-free-zone. That means NO bullshit allowed. The stuff we talk about here is real-world, actionable content ONLY.

PPPS. Other thing… no moaners, bitchers, whiners or excuse makers are welcome here. You’re ONLY allowed if you’re serious, sensible and committed to success. Dedicated-action-takers-only. #SozNotSoz

PPPS. Are you still reading? That's lovely… but run along and take a good look around our site.

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