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Got A Dead Email List? Here’s How To Fire It Up Again!

Written by Rob J. Temple

Hey! Rob J. Temple here and welcome to this blog post…

Today, I want to talk with you about email lists. When we first set out on our internet marketing careers we’re taught the importance of creating, marketing and building our email lists.

“The money is in the list” right? How many times did we hear that at the start of our journeys, and how many times since.

I’m not here to tell you that email lists are dead, nor am I here to tell you that email marketing is dead. Some people however, may disagree with these statements. Well let me tell you, the only reason people will disagree with what I’m saying is because their email lists are DEAD!

There is a difference between a “dead” email list, and email list creation and marketing being 6 feet under!

No my friends, email marketing is still very much alive and kicking. With the recent changes in social media algorithms and how much of your pages/profile content is shown to your followers, email marketing has again acquired an “edge” over its competition. It’s still the most effective way to get in front of all of your followers without being restricted by algorithms.

Also, once subscribers are on your list they’re basically “free” traffic! So there’s no need to “boost” your email visibility when sending emails to your list in order for them to get seen. However there are some nifty social media tricks you can use to reawaken a “dead” email list, which I’ll soon be sharing with you…

Getting back to what I was talking about at the start of this post. At the beginning of our online careers, email marketing is shoved down our throats, and for good reason! However, over time some marketers tend to let their lists go dry, or they stop building them…

How do email lists go dry? What does dry mean?

It means unresponsive. Email subscribers stop opening emails and clicking links inside of them. They “seem” useless.

What causes email subscribers to become unresponsive? If you STOP emailing them! Industry statistics show that most email marketers with responsive email lists mail their subscribers once per day, or at least a few times per week.

If you get into the habit of letting days, weeks and months go by without emailing your list, you can be rest assured that they’ll begin to forget who you are. Once they’ve forgotten you, all they’ll do is unsubscribe or ignore your emails…

New marketers especially tend to get lethargic with their email marketing efforts. If not many sales are coming through or things aren’t taking off as quickly as they’d like, they just let them die out, FAST. This is a fatal error.

The average adult receives 147 emails per day! That’s a huge amount of marketing being thrust upon them. So if you’re not concerned with competing against those other 146 emails in a day, how do you think you’re going to perform if you only email your list once in a blue moon?

Not very well, is the answer…

You should be concerned about these other 146 emails that you’re competing with. It should be on your main list of priorities to create subject lines and emails which stand out, and deliver value and purpose. However, this subject is so vast I’ll have to address it in a whole new blog post 😉

For now, we’re concentrating on how you can reactivate your “dead” or unresponsive email list!

(Side note: email subject lines and body content is still a VERY important factor in reawakening your email list! So take it seriously if you want to stand out and get the opens)

So now we know why our lists can become unresponsive.

What makes email lists responsive again?

There are numerous ways you can give your email list the “kiss of life”, however in this blog post I want to focus on possibly the most powerful of them all…

The Social & Email Presence Booster

If you want to “remind” your email list of who you are then you need to get your BRAND in front of them as much as possible. This will obviously mean that you need to start emailing them as often as possible again, with decent subject lines and email body content.

But, the real “trick” here is to use social media advertising to boost your “brands awareness” to your email list.

How can you do this?

The most effective way is to use Facebook advertising. Head over to Facebook and create a “custom audience” using your email list. If you’re unfamiliar with Facebook advertising then check out my post ALL about Facebook ads and how to set everything up.

Once you’ve created your “custom audience” using your email list, you can then use that audience for advertising on Facebook. There’s a wide variety of Facebook advertising methods and formats you can use here to generate a larger brand awareness for your business, so choose wisely!

Videos can perform amazingly well, or simple image adverts linking to your blog etc can do just as good. The important point is that you are reminding your email subscribers of who you are, AND proving to be an active source of information for them to dip into.

The two main “active” areas that people inhabit online are social media and their email inboxes. Therefore, if you’re hitting them from both these areas, you stand the best chance of getting your messages in front of them.

If you continue running these ads and daily emails for a long period of time, you will most DEFINITELY reawaken your dead email list. In fact, the email list will likely perform better than it ever did before (if it had a previous “heyday”!)…

The great thing about this method is that you’ll realise it’s something you should be doing anyway. You should be boosting your email content via your blog or social media to imprint your brand permanently in the minds of your followers and audience. Your followers, email list, buyers and profits will all increase using this “brand awareness” and email list rejuvenation technique.

You’ll be building numerous assets simultaneously such as:

  • your email list
  • social following
  • custom audiences for Facebook advertising

The above elements are crucial for most online businesses success…

Put this to the test if you have a dead email list, OR even if you don’t start utilising it with your current subscribers and see how much more of an impact your marketing has.

Please like, share and comment on this post below, I’d love to hear your thoughts and results.

To YOUR Success,

Rob J. Temple.

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  • Hi Rob,

    Interesting post with some great information and message on Brand Awareness 🙂 I like the simple (I can see how effective that could be) idea of using an email list to create a list on FB, then using both routes to market 🙂


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