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How To Build A Multiple-Niche Information Product Empire

Written by Rob J. Temple

Name the first few internet marketing Gurus that pop into your head.

Go on.

What sort of names are cropping up?

Mike Filsaime? Frank Kern? Jeff Walker?

John Reese? Yanik Silver? (For the old school!)

Rob J. Temple? Awh, shucks. Just kidding.

But seriously… whatever names pop into your head, probably aren't the names that are popping into my head.

See, this industry that we refer to as “internet marketing” is actually closer to “information publishing”, for the most part.

Certainly the line of business that I am in (and all of those names that I just mentioned) revolves primarily around taking information, packaging it into super-valuable products and training programs and then selling that information to a user, who would find it useful. Right?

So the people that *I* prefer to see as the Gurus of our industry are the real-world publishers of books and magazines out there in the world. Either print or digital publications.


Let's draw a distinction:

1) MOST Internet Gurus* create and sell information products in a single niche. It's often information designed to teach other people how to make money online who will then go on to teach other people how to make money online. Not always, but often.

*Important Note: I said “most”, not “all”.

2) PUBLISHERS of books and magazines, on the other hand, are usually creating and selling information on thousands of different topics in thousands of different niches. They ‘guy at the top' probably knows nothing about any of those topics except for ONE important thing: They will sell.

So I very much see our business drawing in line with the second business model. The idea that what we're doing can be duplicated, replicated and stretched out to create a single business, which spans across multiple brands in a variety of niches.

Rather than just creating a business which serves ONE market, how about we aim to build several authority brands within several markets.

Some of those brands (like this one) will have yours truly as the ‘face' and key character. Others will be created by teaming up with experts in those niches.

So far, we're starting with two main brands…

1) – In the personal development, self-help and success niche.

2) – In the internet marketing, information publishing and online business niche.

Next we're branching out into the dog training market, under our brand “The Lazy Dog Listener”. After that we're heading head first into the dating and relationships niche.

All of the individual brands and separate niches have the exact same structure, design and elements:

a) Compelling brand identity
b) Content-driven blog
c) Mailing list of subscribers and customersd) Variety of products (low-, mid- and high-ticket)
e) Webinar coaching programs
f) Facebook group for customers
g) Live seminars and events
h) Army of affiliates and JV partners
i) Product launches

That isn't an exhaustive list, but it gives you the idea.

All of these niche businesses operate under their own brand (as I've just explained) and those brands operate under our singular company name, “Evolution Etc”.

They also answer to ONE support desk. It doesn't matter which of our brands you purchase a product from, or what niche it's in, you'll go to the same place for customer support.

Imagine buying five separate books. One is about cooking, another about gardening, the next is about DIY, one is about skincare and another about trading on the stockmarket.

When you get them home, you realise that they were all published by the same company. You've bought FIVE books on totally separate topics from the same company, with the same ‘guy at the top'. The same CEO is in charge of a publishing company making all of those books and way more.

This blog post has hopefully given you some level of insight into how this concept translates into a multi-niche publishing empire online.

I accept that, for the most part, we aren't going to have ONE person buying products on different topics from five different niche brands.

Most people are interested in the one thing that drives their passions and they'll buy the products on those topics. But by duplicating our business in different niches it allows us to attack (potentially) 5x the number of people.

My goal? Ultimately, I want to create a business which spans across 20-30 different profitable niches, with each one generating six or seven figures per year.

By taking the standard information publishing and internet marketing business model in a single niche, you can make a LOT of money. Millions of dollars per year, in fact.

Why stop there? Once you get to a place where your first niche business is doing well and generating a five, six or seven figure annual income, why not look to duplicate it into another niche? Then another?

In other words, why have ONE six or seven figure business, when you could have TEN, TWENTY or more?

Again, my goal is to build a business which spans 20-30 different niche brands, with each one generating six or seven figures per year.

I would do this by teaming up with experts in their field to produce the content, with me and my team taking care of the branding, packaging and marketing.

What are your thoughts on this idea? Will YOU try it?

Talk soon,
Rob J. Temple

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