About Us

Marketing Kickstart was founded in January 2015 by hypnotist, lifestyle coach and internet entrepreneur, Rob J. Temple.

Here at Marketing Kickstart we have a simple mission:

To reach out to hundreds of thousands of regular people around the world and help them to build a solid, scalable online business to hit their income goals, quickly and easily

Rob (and the Marketing Kickstart team) are dedicated to creating high-quality, easy to follow training products and courses which will help ANYONE to become successful online and build the lifestyle of their dreams.

On this blog, we’ll be publishing regular free content along with links to our products, live training sessions and other awesomeness.

If you have ever dreamed of creating a five, six or even seven figure income stream, claiming complete financial independence and getting everything you want from your life. Then we’re determined to help you do it, in an ethical, consistent and scalable way.

Meet Our Team!

We have an amazing team working hard every single day to drive our business forward and create incredible marketing processes, training programs and to get results for our customers and clients…